How do I set pin code on Transport WR21?

Is there a way to manually set the SIM PIN code on a TransPort WR21? It seems that when we try from the web interface it just gets discarded or rejected. I would like to try to set the PIN using AT command if that is possible. Maybe that will give me some idea about what is failing.


You can use the command line from telnet, ssh or serial.

“modemcc 0 pin 1234”

Thanks for answering, unfortunately it says ‘ok’ to this command but the SIM card does not get unlocked. The modem is still locked. The modem type is ‘Huawei LTE ME 909 U-521’ if that makes any difference.

I can unlock the SIM in a phone and then re-insert it into the modem and it will work just fine. The only problem is that I will have to do this with hundreds of SIM cards and I would rather not.

If the command is not working then something else is wrong. I would seek support through whoever you bought the device from. Also make sure you are on the latest firmware

if you set the pin as said

then you have to save the config

then reboot the router

modemcc 0 pin 1234
config 0 save