WR21 PIN change

My question is how change PIN on SIM or add PIN to SIM when card not have a PIN ?.

Hi the easy way to change pin with a WR21

dont use a mobile phone when the sim is in the phone if it has a pin then you will have to enter it when the phone first boots up. once in you can go to security option and change pin or remove pin

you can do it on a wr21 but it would mean re configuring the router to have direct access to the module then use at commands to access the SIM

link to how to use some at commands


when I’m try use this command from your linkk I have error output:



Yes thats because you are talking to the router and not the modules.

you have to disconect the module from the router

modemcc 0 asy_add ?
modemcc 0 info_asy_add ?

makes a note of the 2 settings

modemcc 0 asy_add 255
modemcc 0 info_asy_add 255

the module is now accessable
but if the router does not see data it will reboot the module so

modemcc 0 link_retries ?
modemcc 0 stat_retries ?

make a note of them

modemcc 0 link_retries 10000
modemcc 0 stat_retries 10000

this should give you some time to move to accessing the port.

simple way now is to telnet into the port assoiated to the asy_info_add you made not off

telnet 4006 -> Last digit is the port number you recorded earlier
if you now type ati5 you should get a diffrent out put to the router

at commands should now be talking to the module

once you finish you need to put the configuration back or if you have not saved any changes reboot the router