how do i set up my xbee pro 900 hp to send serial data from a bs2sx basic stamp micro controller?

Hi it is my first time using the xbee RF modules. I have tried searching the manuals and internet, but I just do not understand to do it.
I am trying monitor temperature from a distance with a basic stamp bs2sx micro controller, I was wondering how do I send a serial message through the xbee pro 900 hp to a second micro controller or LCD.

Thx for reading, I would greatly appreciate a response.

or Should I have gone with a different xbee module?

As a beginner I would start with a development kit.

That’s how I started without any prior knowledge on xbee, it was great help and saved heaps of my time.

following pages may be some help

There are many examples in the wiki page and thunderheads

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Parallax has one of the best XBee guides out there. And it is specifically for using it with a basic stamp. It is for the XBee 802.15.4 but most of the information is the same for the 900HP. You can find the guide here: