How do I set XBee channel mask for Connect Port X4 Digi Gateway coordinator and attached XBee routers?

We have several Digi Gateways supporting controllers on XBee wireless networks. Occasionally controllers hop from one gateway network to another. We want to configure the XBee networks to operate on separate channels. How can this be accomplished?

That is accomplished by setting the SC or Scan Channel mask parameter to the desired channels for each nod that is to be in that network. But what I would suggest instead of setting the channel is to set a static Pan ID for each network and setting each node for that network to the same Pan ID value., Just make sure to set each network with a unique 16 bit PAN ID.

You can set PAN ID through web interface of X4.
You can also set PAN ID for the Routers through web interface of the X4 once the router is in network with the X4.