How do I use the GPS module on my Transport WR44v2 as a source to set the time on it?

I am looking for a “walk-through” on this. Thanks.


in configuration /network/network services you have a option

enable simple network time server enable this with source of GPS

and apply


under configuration system / Date and time

under sntp server change that to

that should then use gps time once it is synced

I have all of that set properly on my modems with 5246 firmware. My modems with newer firmware 5271 have two additional fields - one asks for the authorization key number, and the next field asks for the authorization key. Any ideas on what to put in those fields, because the GPS sntp time server doesn’t work on these newer modems. ‘0’ is in the authorization key # field by default, and the auth key field is blank by default.

Hi James,
I have followed your instruction, but my modem time still not sync with the GPS time. In the event log, i got this error; “SNTP Client,Retries Exceeded”. Mine is a WR44-U9G1-NE1-SW running firmware 5271 $ (Oct 30 2014 06:04:30).