How do I use the XCTU Spectrum Analyzer with XBee ZB?

Hi All,

I have a 4 node mesh, with 1 coordinator and 3 routers. I have one router in API or AT mode plugged into my Windows 7 x64 PC using XCTU 6.3.0 Build 20151110-8. I have tried several different versions of firmware and when I select Alt+Shift+A I get a

red X “Device protocol or working mode not supported: ZigBee - Transparent Mode”

Am I missing something? Using a S2 - xb24-ZB 22A7 Router AT HV 194B


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The function you are wanting to use is not supported on the Zigbee enabled devices. You need to use one of the Digi Mesh or Point to multi-point products for that function.

Here is a video showing on a Mac with Zigbee protocol it is working, not sure why as it should show Mesh or Multipoint…

I am testing it with a Zigbee enabled module (Coordinator AT and API) and neither works. I have only had it work on a 2.4 GHz Digi Mesh module.

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