X-bee Pro s2b module API mode Coordinator could not find Router

Hi everyone;
I would like to build mesh network,it has got a Coordinator API and a few Router API XBEE Pro S2b module. I use XCTU and set all radio module Pan ID=3 , Scan Channels=B. Router module is discovering another Router module, but Coordinator module not found anyone.
Why didn’t find module?

Thanks in Advance

Try issuing a Global network reset on your routers. This should force them to find the Coordinator and re-establish the connection.

With this method coordinator connections to routers modules. But in my project, i can’t any process routers module. I can work only with coordinator module. Can i incorporate to different Coordinator module to existing network?

No, you are not able to incorporate more than one coordinator per network. That would be in direct violation into both the 802.15.4 IEEE and Zigbee protocols which this module complies with.

Essentially, I read http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/XBee%20ZB%20User%20Manual.pdf
, page 39 Replacing a Coordinator chapter is my questions answer.But this command for AT mode. Can i set ID, II,SC,SS values in API mode?

Yes you can replace the coordinator if the other coordinator is no longer within the network.

Yes any parameter you can set in AT mode can be set using API commands via the local UART.