XBEE coordinator API AND router API link 'Inactive'?

Hi, I have a question, I have configured 1 xbee s2b pro as coordinator api mode and 3 xbee s2b pro as routers api mode. In the network discovery mode of XCTU, I am seeing the link between the router and coordinator individually as ‘Inactive’. I need to use mesh networking and broadcast mode for my project on VANET. My controller would be arduino mega.
My coordinator DH: 0

My router DH: 0
DL: 0 (Is this how it should be for broadcast and networking?)
Where am I going wrong?

It sounds like your XBee Routers may not be properly provisioned to the Coordinator. Easy method would be to hit the Reset button 4 times in rapid succession per XBee Router. Alternately, you could API packetize the command “CB4”, and it would have the same effect as hitting the Reset button 4 times.

If you really want to make sure they associate, set all four devices for a common PAN ID, then use the SC parameter to narrow the range of channels they can choose.

Here’s a nice resource page you might want to check out: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Category:Working_with_Zigbee

The SC information is discussed in an article on that page called “Channels, ZigBee”.