How do we put XCTU software to work on Linux?

Hello All,

I have installed XCTU software on an Ubuntu 16.04 box; It fires up OK but the application freezes when I either ask for Adding a Module or Discovering Radio Module. It shows modal window saying: Operation in progress… and never moves forward from this point on; I cannot close this window nor the main XCTU window and the only way I manage to do that is killing the java process.

The linux user I use is already included in dialout group. Also dmesg shows the module being detected and attached to /dev/ttyUSB0.

Any idea what I could to to make it work?

What version of XCTU are you working with?

Hello, I am running XCTU v. 6.3.2, Linux x64
Thank you!

give permission for xctu on .desktop extestion application on desktop then proceed