How does one programatically determine a SIM card's activation status?

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Our customer has a fleet of trucks with a WR44 gateway that records information from the truck and sends it over the cellular network to a service running on a webserver that stores the relevant information in a database. The customer wants to have the ability of putting a message on display in the truck cab when the SIM card can’t talk to the network because of not being activated (as opposed to lack of signal, for instance).

I’ve looked in the Mobile Parameters section of the Digi TransPort User Guide and while there are CLI commands for various SIM related parameters, there doesn’t seem to be one listed for finding out the activation status of the SIM card. I contacted the Mobile provider, and they said by using the AT Command “AT+CREG”, I can find out whether or not the SIM is deactivated. However, I can’t seem to find anyway to send AT Commands through python in the user guide.

Is it possible to do so? Or is there a CLI command I’m missing? Or am I stuck here?

Thank you.