How can I see which SIM slot is selected?

We select one of the SIMs manually depending on location, but I would like to know which slot is in use. The modem seems to auto select the SIM slot in some cases and we would like to detect that.

Thanks in advance.

There is a command to do Digi Technical Support for this.

You can also look in the event log it will tell you
after powerup events

Thanks, hadn’t thought about this, and wonder how reliable and timely this is (hopefully more timely than the output of modemstat :-/)

Will do, thanks!

What is the command?..

Either I did not use it after all, or, more probably, it doesn’t exist, not in an easy form. I was expecting a simple command to tell me which slot is in use, and digging through the event log isn’t one of them.

The command is “simconn ?” The response is two numbers comma separated the first is SIM slot 1 and the second is SIM slot 2.

1001 SIM detected and in use
1000 SIM detected not in use
1 No SIM detected