select network,help!

Hi all,
i would like to get some help.
i have a device connected with a roaming SIM
in the area am in i have 2 cell networks that i can connect to, one of those networks is much better then the second one.
when i turn the device and try to connect to a network, must of the times it connects to the weaker network.
and there for my question.
1.on my first turn on how can i make it connect to the network with the best reception?
2.If there is any way to choose the network that am trying to connect?
3.if i already connected to the network with low reception can i change it to the better one?

What Digi product is this? For example, a Digi Connect WAN, ConnectPort WAN, or TransPort?

if you are using a transport product you can do a network scan from the manahment /network status / mobile

once you do the network scan you can then select the network to use if you use prefer it will try that network first

hope this helps

Hi thanks for the help
i am using AT Commands but with AT Commands i can only select one network manually or let it choose the network automatically, i don’t mind it choosing it automatically the problem is that it doesn’t choose the best network i have. is there a way to let the sim card choose the best network or is it only up to the sim carrier ? again thank you very much


i think if you are using the cops command you can use

AT+COPS AT command forces the mobile terminal to select and register the GSM/UMTS/EPS network.
Possible values for mode are,
0 automatic ( field is ignored)
1 manual ( field shall be present, and optionally)
2 deregister from network
3 set only (for read command +COPS?), do not attempt registration/deregistration ( and fields are ignored); this value is not applicable in read command response
4 manual/automatic ( field shall be present); if manual selection fails, automatic mode (=0) is entered

so if you use 4 it should try to use the one selected and if it fails go back to automatic selection

Yep done that
but in certain specific areas that i am not aware what is the best network available i cant user 4
biggest issue is when it automatic i don’t understand why the sim card doesn’t select the best one
for example i have 2 networks in my area one network is with -93 DBM and the second network is with -75 DB
it always chooses the -93 DB , i understand that its the sim problem and doesn’t depend on me , and i just want to make sure that’s the case here. thank you!

as you are roaming what will take over is the PRL list that is on the SIM this is the prefered List that the network provide of the SIM sets to which other networks to use.

so even though in your mind the stronger signal is best it might be the weaker provider that has a better agreament with the supplier of the SIM