Unable to select network when roaming - WR21

Hello Support.

I am currently using a T-Mobile data sim with 4G LTE. This works fine in the US and I get great speeds and connection.
The SIM plan is full roaming in Canada, but I am unable to select the correct network to receive 4G speeds, when I cross the border.

When I Go to Management - Network Status > Interfaces > Mobile, Click “Scan for networks”
I always receive the answer:
No networks detected in last scan - please try again

This has never given me a choice of networks.

Can anyone help with this problem?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.


which cellular module are you using ?

are you saying the plan allows LTE / 4G roaming ?

have you locked the module to only connet on LTE as you should normaly see any other networks the module can see even if they cannot register with.



Hello James,

Thank you for your reply.

The plan does allow roaming, and does pick up networks at random, but never one that gives me 4G. When I scan for networks I do not get any choice to select the correct network to give me what I would like.

Example, if I take the SIM and put it in a hotspot box, I have no problems. Just in the Digi box I cannot get this to work.

Any ideas??

Thanks again.


What is the full part number of your WR21? WR21-xxxx-etc.?

It is a WR21-U81B-DE1-XX

Any thoughts??

That is not an LTE router. The WR21-U8 is a 2G/3G router only.