Poor pefroamcne of a WR21 using 3g roaming SIM

I am having issues with a WR21 router connected to a weather station. The function of the router is to allow the pushing of FTP messages back to our server to allow us to display data for our customer. One particular station is causing us some issues. We are experiencing poor performance regarding network connectivity. The router will perform well for a time then experience periods of non connectivity where it will become uncontactable and won’t send data. Although when we visit the station to investigate the router uptime is still counting an say it will be around 15 hours for example even though the router has been offline. yet the router connectivity time will differ from the uptime and will normally be a smaller number. We are using a roaming 3g sim that allows us to switch between networks and the router has the most up to date digi software. We have also set the router up to reconnect after 5 minutes of non connectivity but this doesn’t seem to work. We are also experiencing signal strength and quality sometimes as excellent then it will sitch between poor and fair. Is there anything else we can try to improve router uptime and connectivity to the network? Would a second antenna in the secondary slot improve our chances? id there anything mor ein the configuration we can try to improve performance?


Antennas if this is a WR21 3G and not LTE you can get away with a single antenna as the second is only used for improved reception from the tower. Always better to have both connected. If it is LTE Digi always state you should use both antennas as this is MIMO technology and can cause the router to have poor connection times and poor throughput.

the main thing is to look at surelink to help reconnect to the tower and test the connection and if this is not working reboot the router.

you can find wore from the surelink wizard in the router GUI