WR21 webpage rarely completes loading

I am trying to connect to a Digi WR21 that after I login typically does not complete displaying the home webpage. Occasionally it does but after that it does not not let me go to any of the other pages. I hove noticed this on two different WR21s that are both out in the field on the Verizon network. When it does show the home page it show that the signal level is Excellent and the quality level is excellent of or good depending on when it is connecting. The two WR21s are running different versions of firmware 5.18.3 and 6.0.10 Any suggestions on what is going on?


Have you tried to connect to the router over ssh when you have problems connecting over HTTP.

once you login over Http the home page does have to download a lot off information and if the signal quality is poor it can fail to download the page.

as said if you get in over ssh you can issue the “modemstat ?” command that will show you the current quality and signal streght in the last 20-30 seconds.

if it is only happening some times think about moving the router to a better signal location or use high gain antennas



I cannot reach the WR21 via SSH as it is blocked by a firewall rule that someone forgot to change before deployment.

the front page does show that the signal strength is excellent and the signal quality is good when the home page comes through.

I am starting to believe that it might be an issue in the Verizon network.