WR21 with ASDLmodem dropping internet connection.

We are having a problem with a site that is dropping its internet connection. The Digi WR21 does not list a minimum network speed requirement (it only lists the maximum speed at which it is capable of sending). We suspect that the issue lies with the ASDL modem and not with the Digi (I.e. the modem is going offline). However, is there a (slow) speed at which the WR21 won’t work?


Im not sure what you mean by this ?

if the wr21 does not recive packets it will sit there until there is packets.

if you are on about over cellular you should use the surelink wizard to setup monitoring as if no data passes over cellular the network can disconect and not inform the router correctly this can leave it in a stale connection.

it would be helpful if you could explain in more detail about what is happening.