How does putting the Xbee to sleep affect Duty Cycle

I’ve got an application that transmits roughly 20 bytes every 14 seconds. If I leave the sleep pin alone I get a transmission every 14 secs which gets received by a 2nd Xbee. If I put the Xbee to sleep and then wake it up just to make the transmission it works for a while and then stops transmitting before starting again. The cycle repeats.

The only thing I can think of that is messing it up is the Duty Cycle. However surely the module doesn’t only calculate the duty cycle based on how long the module is awake? That makes a mockery of trying to develop battery powered applications.

Can someone confirm how the duty cycle times are calculated and if putting the module to sleep affects this.

I’m using SM=1 and transparent mode


How are you triggering the ‘transmission’? Which firmware are you running? What are your IC/IR/ST/WH settings?