How I can start "iDigi Dia" without having to reconfigure the Xbee modules?

Hi all !!

How I can start “iDigi Dia” without having to reconfigure the Xbee modules?

Currently I have 16 XbeeDioAdapter spaced every 50 meters in a field. They are configured through “iDigi Day” to sleep a certain amount of time and send the state of pin 1, everything is ready. I can also see the digital state of pin 1 through port 4146 of ConnectPortX4.

My problem is that in the case of power failure. Because, when I start again connectportx4, I must restart the program (> python config.yml). When I restart the program, this configures all xbee modules again. Modules can not be configured every time there is a power outage. How I can start the presentation again (port 4146) without having to reconfigure the modules?

If not possible. Is there another way to view the state of pin 1 of the digital adapters using “iDigi Dia”?

In advance thank you very much!


A place to check is the update_skiplist and skip_config_addr_list settings on XBee Device Manager in the config file. These control having configuration only applied once per node, or configuring it ahead of time to skip certain nodes.

I’m not that familiar with it myself, but it looks like the default behavior is to have update_skiplist=true, which makes me think that once a node is configured it should automatically be added to the skip list, and not configured automatically on subsequent starts of the dia. Maybe someone else will post and provide some feedback on why this might not be happening.


Now it worked. Unfortunately i was using an older version of “Idigi Dia”(1.2.19). Now i changed to 1.3.8 and it worked.

Thanks for your help