idigi dia and Xbee DIO adapter

Hi at everyone,
i have a connectport x4 gateway and two Xbee dio adapter. So, i want to use the idigi dia sample from the esp provided by digi. So, i setup all and in particular, i want that the Xbee Dio adapter must sleep for a time because i use a battery power supply. I launch the dia sample, the gateway discovery sensor and associate them to its. In the first sampling is all ok, and in the awake time, if a change the channel input state i view the change in channel_dump. My problem is now. when the Dio go in sleep mode, i try to change the state of its input channel (all channel are in input mode) and attend that the DIO pass in awake modality. when it pass in awake modality, the change in state not allowed. I view a change only if occur in awake time…

i need that DIO adapter read your inputs channel in awake time, in other word i need that DIO adapter make always a “IS” (or like) AT COMMAND, so that it detected ther input and send to gateway. it work as a Xbee temperature sensor that return the actual detected temperature.

It is possible to make??

thanks a lot for your help