Basic use of XBee-PRO-ZB Digitla I/O Adap

I am using XA-Z14-CS4P-W DIO adaptors with a XA-Z11-PE-W Connect Port. I need somebody help me how can I see the status off one digital input of each adaptor

This page covers how the XBee I/O pins are tied to the DIO:

You may want to download the Digi ESP for Python, then look in a file named C:\Program Files\Digi\DigiPython\Dia\Dia_1.4.14\src\devices\xbee\xbee_devices\ (note: the number in the ‘Dia_X.X.XX’ may change over time).

This is how the iDigi/Dia framework handles the DIO adapter.

If you have have XBIB board, you may find understanding how one reads the pushbuttons there first. The I/O lines will be different, but the method is the same.