Can I get some help with XBee Pro GPIO?


I need some help with an Xbee GPIO project. I’m using the Grove Development boards and am trying to make a simple circuit: have one xbee read a digital input (button press) and have another xbee write a digital output (turn on an LED.) I’m confident in my breadboard circuit I just need some help under the hood of the xbees. Here’s my module information:

On my “Sender” the module with the button switch:
Model: Xbee ProS3B
ID: 2183
DH: set to the SH of the other module
DL: set the SH of the other module
NI: Sender
D0: Digital Input [3] - pin 20 is reading the switch circuit
IC: 1
AP: Transparent Mode [0]
CE: Standard Router [0]

On my “Receiver” the module with the LED:
Model: Xbee ProS38
ID: 2183
DH: set to the SH of the other module
DL: set to the SL of the other module
NI: Receiver
D0: Digital Out, Low [4] - I want the button press on the “Sender” to write this pin HIGH turning on the LED.
AP: API Mode without Escapes [1]

Is there something I am missing? There’s a lot of information out there about having a 3rd party (Arduino, JAVA, python, Rasberry Pi, etc.) manage the packets but I want to make a simple hardware circuit without any micro-controllers. This circuit is the basis for a wireless relay project I’m working on.

Any help, tips, or insight would be greatly appreciated!


The Digi XBee PRO 900 HP does not support DIO line passing which is what you are trying to do.

Wow, I feel a little bit foolish now having worked on my circuit. I was following someone else’s example and they changed IU & IA parameters. I noticed those were missing on my xbees. Does that have something to do with it?

Could I still use these radio modules if I introduce a micro-controller to assist with the communication?

Sure our you can switch to the 2.4 GHz XBee 802.15.4 products which do support it.

Does xbee3 support DIO line passing?

If you install the 802.15.4 firmware on the XBee 3, it will allow you to perform DIO line passing.


Currently in 900MHz band, only Digi XBee SX 900 modules supports “Line Passing” feature.

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