using I/O


this is a simple project to send a Digital Input from one XBEEpro to the Digital Output of another.

I have never used the firmware before, I have the two units communicating and a range test has been completed.

In the modem config menu i have found a drop down box with lots of protocols.

When I select one i can see all the different options.

Can someone help with me setting up all the different options, addresses etc… to enable two xbee modules to talk to each other

Thanks in advance

That’s a very big question. The Digi product manual is the primary source of information - it can be tough going at first, but just about everything you need to know is in there. You might also want to look at the unofficial cookbook and FAQ (see pinned posts) for another angle on things.

You’ve already said that in fact the modules are communicating, so you must have the correct options already set for them to talk to each other. Check the documentation I’ve mentioned, and see whether that leads to more specific questions.