Xbee Pro 900 Digital IO


I’m trying to get two xbees working with digital IO passing.
I’ve had them working fine in transparent mode, but want to have a digital input at the transmitter unit sent to the receiver unit, and duplicated at the pin of the same number.

I’ve been thru the manual several times, and searched high and low on the web for help, but can’t quite get there. I have latest firmware, and am able to change parameters normally.

I get the digital input specified on the transmitter, the digital output specified at the receiver, but just can’t get the receiver pin to change state. With AT commands I can change the state of the output pin, but can’t do it over the air from the transmitter.

Can anyone who has had success with xbee pro 900’s using dio passing chime in and help? Maybe someone could point me to some config files that would work with DIO passing? If I can get it to work on any pin I’d be happy.


Hi again,
Anybody have any experience with this? I’m able to get this to work with Xbee pros, but not the xbee pro 900’s. I find the settings for the digital inputs and outputs, but can’t make them talk. I’m thinking they don’t do a simple line pass like the xbee pros…

The goal here is to have a remote sensor (eventually two), without a microcontroller to send a digital input to a coordinator xbee at a distance. I don’t think I’ll have enough range on the radios without going to the 900’s, They’ll be used on a ship about 200 feet apart, but there will be steel bulkheads in between the units, so I’ll need some xmit power.

I’m just trying to eliminate the microcontroller at the sensor end, but will have one at the receiver end, so can use that to decipher AT or API data if needed.



I’ve no experience with the 900, but if the product manual for your version is 90000903_C.pdf then page 23 would seem to describe the process.

Failing that, if you post which product manual does apply to you I’ll try to have a look.

OK, now this is frustrating. I had this working, and while trying to tweak it, it has stopped working. I had this fully working for a month, and I went to change the sample rates, but couldn’t get xtcu to read the xbee. I used a saved version of the .pro file, and it hasn’t worked since.

Does anyone out there have experience with Digital line passing with Xbee pro 900’s? I’ve been over the manual 50 times. I know it works, because I got there, but have since lost the way. It’s easy to accomplish with the xbee pro, but that doesn’t have the power/range I need.

One interesting thing, is that I can’t save the 1061 firmware, when I write it as XBEE PRO 900, it always saves the parameters as version 1161 - XBEE PRO 900 - RS232 ADAPTER. I don’t know why.

If anyone can help here, I’d really appreciate it.


i think the XBee 802.15.4 modules can do this - the Zigbee/ZB version of XBee certainly cannot. So not all XBee can do this.

You are running the XBP09-DP, so not the DigiMesh.

I do see the 802.15.4 firmware (XBP24) has many I/O commands like IA, T0, T1, etc which are missing from the XBP09DP. So I’m not sure it is supposed to do what you want. Look into your .PRO file, as it is a text file. Maybe you can manually put the missing commands in there & maybe it will do what XCTU doesn’t know it can do. The settings offered by XCTU are loaded from a Windows file - it is possible an XCTU update over-wrote the old “incorrect” (per someone’s option) data so now you’ve lost access to those settings.

As for the unit being called an RS-232, make sure your DD value ends with 0000 (so maybe 0x0007000), or at least don’t have it end in 0005, as that implies it in an RS-232 adapter.