Line Passing

I am trying to set up two Xbee Pro 900HPs.

Device A is the transmitter and takes a digital input.
Device B is the receiver and outputs the same signal.

I am using the Grove Development board kit and trying to use the User Button for input on Device A and the User LED for output on Device B.

Device A	        

DH SH from B
DL SL from B
D4 Digital Input [3]
IR 1

Device B
D4 Digital Out, High [5]

I am expecting the user light on the Grove Development board to turn on when D4 is forced low. Nothing happens to the LED on the Grove board for Device B when I hit the user button on the board for Device A. It looks like B is getting data from A because the Mac Statistics and Timeout show changes after I hit the button for A.

Am I going the right direction with this or way off?

The 900 HP does not support DIO line passing. For the 900 HP you need to use Remote AT commands via API mode to change the output value.