XBP09 digital line passing

XBP09-DMWIT-156 Firmware 1820

When attempting to set up ‘digital line passing’, setting up DIO0 and DIO1 as outputs works… attempting to set up as inputs fails, I’m attempting to set them to ‘3’ using X-ctu with XBIB board. I get ‘Error setting AT Parameters. Either parameter is not supported or value out of range’.

I’ve just downloaded and re-installed X-ctu. Problem remains.

I don’t see any other settings that could conflict.

I am attaching the current configuration.

I’m having the same problem. Have you seen or found a solution? It doesn’t look like there is much support here?

I am trying to solution the seem, look this link:

I’ts been a year since I asked support but at that time they said it was not supported in the MESH protocol.

DIO line passing on the XBee PRO 900 Digi Mesh requires the new firmware. It also requires you to send remote AT commands to either set a line high or low similar to the ZB modules. It does not support direct DIO line passing as found with the 802.15.4 modules.