XBee DIO Adapter ZB


My DIO adapters are correctly associating with my XBee coordinator but I’m having no luck getting them set up as four digital inputs. I believe I have followed the directions in the Xbee Drop-in Networking Accessories User Guide, page 35, i.e. by using AT commands D4, D6, D7, and P2 to set the channels as digital inputs. I did this using the “XBee_Web_Gateway.C” program that comes with Dynamic C 10.56 - 10.60. I believe that this program issues the appropriate AT commands via a web interface.

The program appears to set up the DIOs appropriately, but the digital inputs are unresponsive to different input levels.

Just to confirm:

Terminal 1 is XBee Module Pin 11, which is XBee DIO4 (?)
Terminal 2 is XBee Module Pin 16, which is XBee DIO6 (?)
Terminal 3 is XBee Module Pin 12, which is XBee DIO7 (?)
Terminal 4 is XBEE Module Pin 4, which is XBee DIO12 (?)

Please confirm the above, since it’s rather confusing (why didn’t they just assign DIO0-3 to the respective pins on the module to keep things simple?)

Anyone have any success in setting up the DIO Adapter ZB who can advise?