XBee pro ZB OEM Digital i/o

I need to send and receive digital I/O using a XBee Pro ZB OEM module.

The goal is to use 4 digital I/O lines to send 4 switch settings (on/off) from a remote modual to a base module which will output one digital line to each of 4 valves. This should be a no-brainer.

I have read the manual but I am still not clear about sending and receiving digital I/O.

I have looked through this forum, Googled 'til I’m red in the fingers but have not found one example configuration using digital I/O.

I understand from the manual there must be one coordinator and at least one end device.

I would like to see exactly how I need to configure each module.

Can you provide some configuration examples for the coordinator and end device sending and receiving digital data?

This is holding up the rest of the project so I would be very grateful for a quick reply.




On the XBee ZB modules, you need to issue a remote AT command in the form of an API packet to change the status of a DIO line. Essentially, you send a command that tells the node to set the line as either an output high or output low.

For an example of a remote AT command, I would recommend looking at the API section of the manual.