xbee configuration

Good afternoon,

                      I wonder if there is any tutorial or info on how I can set the xbee xbp24-dm 250 (source) and XB24-dm (remote). I would like a mesh network and use the digital inputs and outputs, configured with the x-ctu. I only want to know which parameter i need to change to have a digital I/O, because i had configured it and nothing happened. I only changed the DIO(3), IC(1), IF(1), IR(3E8), AP(2) for the source device, and DIO(4), IC(1), IF(1), IR(3E8) for the remote device. I miss something? Thanks!


I’m not sure what your question is.

The DM modules cannot ‘copy’ their DIO status over the mesh. You can create code (on a gateway, PC or PIC/Micro) to manually copy say an input from “X” to an output on “Y”, but there is no way to have “X” auto-send changes to “Y” … maybe that’s your question.

I think the 802.15.4 can, as can some of the older protocols. But Zigbee and DM do not do this.

how to configure xbee pro to a tree type topology? im using it for my thesis

Can you tell me which parameters you setup in xbee? I am using DM mode and I can’t send or receive anything.

I built the packet, send it and on the other side, nothing is received.

I setup same ID, CH and AP in both devices. I use AP = 1. I don’t know if I have to configure anything else or what happends… I am using arduino to build packet.

As for DM ‘tree topology’, you have no control over how the nodes lay out their ‘mesh’. If you mean the older Zigbee format with fixed routes, this is the wrong forum for that, and I don’t know how one enables that mode.

As for Suriken’s question. ID/CH are the main which need to match. SM in both should be 0, or it should be 7 or 8. To my knowledge, an Xbee SM=0 may not work correctly with another SM=7 or 8.

Since AP=1, you need to correctly format the APi frames. Are you getting a TX Status response from the sending XBee?

For some reason, I have noticed the DM-XBee seem to take some time (minutes even) to rejoin a sleep-coordinated mesh if they’ve been power cycled.