How link file in RAM to web page

I am working on a new project. This project is a remote temperature sensor with a web server. I want to display temperature curve on an http form with a web browser.

So I want to format an image (temperature profile)(bitmap, png or gif) and send it to web browser.

I would like to know how to send an image place in RAM. Up to now I work with the sample C:\DCRABBIT_9.41\Samples cpip\http\STATIC.c and I try to place the image in RAM (rabbit1.gif) but I don�t kown how to link it to the web page (#ximport “samples/tcpip/http/pages/static.html” index_html). Maybe I will import a blank image in flash with ximport and transfer it in RAM or create an image directly in RAM at start but after�.???

Is there a macro like this to link it in RAM:

SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE(“/rabbit1.gif”, rabbit1_gif)

Or is there an other way to display curve on a web page?


Just for information, I had found how to link the web page with my image in RAM with this code

unsigned long rabbit1_bmp; // Physical memory address to write to RAM

LenFile = xgetlong(rabbit_falsh_bmp);
// Using xalloc ensures that unused RAM is allocated
rabbit1_bmp = xalloc(LenFile);
// Copy IMAGE in flash to RAM
xmem2xmem(rabbit1_bmp, rabbit_falsh_bmp, LenFile);
sspec_addxmemfile("/rabbit1.bmp", rabbit1_bmp, SERVER_HTTP);

anyone have any ideas instead of linking to server_http, is there anyway it can link to directory folder c:\ to store e image there…


I am working on a project which is transferring image using ftp.
I’ve managed to transferred the file from one com to another.

I would like to seek help on how to retrieve the image in the ram
and save it into my local directory such as "C:"

all help are appreciated.:slight_smile:

Hi there, i’m just started with my school project using sample files from Dynamic C, can you help me how to see the image from http? (after linking e ram to http). i’m going to die for it :confused: please teach me how? thanks alot…


Saw your post and liked your idea. Had a surf on the internet and found GD Library. This allows you to dynamically create GIF,JPG & PNG’s.

Could not find port for Rabbit DC and wondered if you have written custom code to do this.



Hi jonpd,
sorry, I have to write it. I will begin with a bmp file, it’s not compress. I will check for GD Library, interesting.


Sorry Sky, I don’t know.

Nvm… Thank…

yes! i made it by viewing the image in http through tcp/ip… The next problem i had and hope that it can be solve: how to view the image in http through wireless:confused: :confused: Please help me… Thanks alot