Upload BMP file

Hi, :slight_smile:
I have in my possession a Rabbit RCM2200, I must use it for a CEGEP course. I want to create a web server to stock BMP files and process them. The project is a “spinning screen” with only 64 RGB Leds (to create one picture of 360 degree :eek: ). Someone can acess the rabbit trought the web to the server to download a picture there. Having searched in mostly all of the documentations in my possession on the rabbit, I always remain blocked and I am unable to send a picture BMP on my webserver which is a HTML page. Once the picture is sent, the rabbit will transfer it to another processor by USART to make it show on the " screen".

Software of development which I use is Dynamic C 9.50
Rabbit RCM2200 with the card of development

Thanks a lot :smiley: