post method as client rcm2200

Dear all:
I am a starter user of RCM2200. I need to ask a IP camera (server) for a snapshot.
I was able to do that on VB6:
Inet1.Execute “”, “GET”
using Inet control and retreiving data with StateChanged event, and saving the data as .jpg file.

What is the similar procedures in Dynamic C for RCM2200?

Thank you


Hi Daniel, we dont have a utility to convert VB6 to Dynamic C code. You might find suggestions on the internet

Thank you MargaretK! I was able to do the job. Now I am at home, and with no copy of the file, but it worked very well. Now, I should implement error traps and all that thing.

I use

for initiate the cgi script in a specific ip camera. Then, I use
while (hsock.state==HTTPC_STATE_BODY)
to get the picture.