Full cloning one fully functional RCM6760 to a new RCM6760 Board

Hello from Spain,
I am new to Dynamic C environment, using windows 7.
I wish to copy complete programme/codes etc from one fully functional RCM6760 board to a newly purchased empty RCM6760 board. Need to know which cloning product can be used and how to do it.
I read about cloning RCM3200 and there is some “extract_flash.c” utility for DC 9 in the repository. Is there something similar for DC 10? Any other procedure?
This is for repair of device where the manufacturer has gone out of business.
Thanks in advance.

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There is a program called download_flash.c in the folder below; you will download this program to RAM in order to download what is in flash.
C:\DCRABBIT_10.72D\Samples cpip\http


Thanks for replying so quickly.
I have the RCM6760 board mounted on a PCB wich has one USB port with a FTDI 232 chip. I can see the virtual COM port in my Windows 7 PC but no really sure about I get access to the RCM6760 board. When I select “Compile to Target / Store Program in RAM” in Dynamic C, I get the message: “When sending Cold Loader: No Rabbit Processor Detected”.
Later, I discovered that I have to pull-up the SMODE pin (49), to enter in program mode.
After that, I got a window showing the IP address (I have an ethernet cable connected to the same network than my PC).
At last, opening that IP on a web browser I get a link with the file BOOT.BIN and clicking there I can download the file to my computer.
I’m telling all the procedure just in case anyone can find it useful.
Thanks again.

Hi again. I did not try uploading the .BIN file to my RCM6760 till now. From Dynamic C, I cannot find a menu where to load the bin file and send it to hardware. Reading the manual I guess I found the way to do it via command line RFU. I execute the following: clrfu -i c:\boot.bin -s 4:115200 but I get CRC32 mismatch, file corrupted. I compiled the example “PONG.C” and if I try the previous method to upload to the board, I don’t have any errors, so I guess the bin file is the problem.
What I am doing wrong extracting the file from the working board?
All answer will be appreciated.