full cloning one fully functional RCM4000 to a new RCM4000 Board

I wish to copy complete programme/codes etc from one fully functional RCM4000 board to a newly purchased empty RCM4000 board. Need to know which cloning product can be used and how to do it? Please help.


When at all possible, you should use a binary image generated by Dynamic C for programming new core modules. You can compile to a file from your original source code using Dynamic C.

If you absolutely need to copy the compiled program from existing hardware, you’ll need to use Dynamic C to compile a program to RAM that you can use to read firmware from flash.

The RCM4000 has an Ethernet interface, so you could use this sample (https://github.com/digidotcom/DCRabbit_10/blob/master/Samples/tcpip/http/download_flash.c) to download a copy of the entire boot flash.

You would still need to extract the firmware image from the downloaded “boot.bin”. You can use Samples/RemoteProgramUpdate/firmware_report.c to find out how big the firmware image is, and then truncate boot.bin to that size for a binary you should be able to install with the Rabbit Field Utility (RFU).

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Hello, we have similar situation, bought some fm transmitter this year and last months manufacturer broke. We have one RCM4000 died, but have other equipment to clone. I´m not a specialist so could you please help me with more instructions to dimskl@yahoo.com