Need help to clone RCM2000 board


I need help to clone a Rabbit RCM2000 board

I will pay for time and labor…in gold !

Please help,

Your original source code must have the following otherwise the cloning board will not work:

  1. For older versions of Dynamic C1
    , open the BIOS file: BIOS\RABBITBIOS.C.
  2. Change the line
    #define ENABLE_CLONING 0 // set to 1 to enable cloning
    #define ENABLE_CLONING 1 // set to 1 to enable cloning
    NOTE: Various options are enabled by the macros described in “Cloning Macros” on page 5.
    These macros are found in the BIOS or the configuration library and any change to their values
    must be made as part of Step 4.

Thank you for your advice… but I don’t have the original software(source code) … just the board.

If I will have the original software or the .bin file I don’t need to clone it, I will injected right away in rabbit board.

If you have more knowledge about Rabbit RCM2000 please send me your email and I will contact you.

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Please give me your email to keep in touch

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Good afternoon, there is no way to clone the Rabbit without the #define ENABLE_CLONING 1 // set to 1 to enable cloning in the original bin file. There is no way to extract source code from any Rabbit product. I suggest you contact the original programmer for the source code.