allow clone in program already inside rcm 2000?

Hello I have a rabbitcore rcm 2000 with some program inside whose source code I have lost. Is it possible to somehow activate the cloning setting therefore allowing the board to be cloned?


It is my understanding that , there would be a application with the Digi. With this application ,
you can get from the module is a copy of the flash image which will be in binary. It is not in a human readable form. Also, it cannot be used by Dynamic C to program another module. It may be possible to convert the memory image to a file that Dynamic C can download.
To get this application you need to contact Digi tech support at this mail They may help you.


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Thanks for your answer, I shall contact them soon

Good afternoon, Digi does not have a utility to extract source code from any Rabbit product. You can do a memory dump but this cannot be converted to a bin file to load ion to a Rabbit product.

Did you get anywhere with your cloning of RCM2000 ?

Please let me know,

I wish this is true…

I am in the same situation, trying to clone a RCM2000 and I hit the wall in everything I do.

If is anybody capable to clone a Rabbit RCM2000 … I am willing to pay.


Did you try a Clone board ?

Me, personal I can’t figure out how to use it .


Your original source code must have the following otherwise the cloning board will not work:

  1. For older versions of Dynamic C1
    , open the BIOS file: BIOS\RABBITBIOS.C.
  2. Change the line
    #define ENABLE_CLONING 0 // set to 1 to enable cloning
    #define ENABLE_CLONING 1 // set to 1 to enable cloning
    NOTE: Various options are enabled by the macros described in “Cloning Macros” on page 5.
    These macros are found in the BIOS or the configuration library and any change to their values
    must be made as part of Step 4.