How receive data from another zigbee socs(Atmel) to ConnectPort X4 gateway

Hi all,

I am new to ConnectPort X4. I would like to receive all 802.15.4 radios data on it.

How to configure it to receive from another socs?
How to set panid,channel in it?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

The below is the code was i write to transmit and receive.

I am successfully transmitted the data but didn’t get any data on it.

from socket import *
import time
import xbee

0xe8, 0xc105, 0x11)


sd.bind((“”,0x00, 0, 0))

while 1:
sd.sendto(“Hello, World!”, 0, DESTINATION)

    localtime = time.asctime(time.localtime(time.time()))
      print 'local current time:',localtime,'success'
    data,status =  sd.recvfrom(72) 
    print status
    print data

What is the part number of the gateway you have?

Port number we are used X4-Z11-E- W(ConnectPort X4)

The product you are referring to is a Zigbee Enabled product and not an 802.15.4 compliant product. You can only communicate with other Zigbee enabled devcices and not 802.15.4 enabled devices with it.

Thanks for your reply. But am able to receive the incoming data from gateway on 802.15.4 devices. I can’t receive any data on gateway from 802.15.4 devices…