How to access to a physical memory address on ConnectCoreWi-MX53

Our customer is using Digi ESP for Embedded Linux.
They want to check the address started from 0x1E000000 by Memory View.
(They want to check some registers relevant to IPU.)

However, the following error is displayed.
“Target request failed : Unable to read memory”

Would you teach how to check these registers?

The following registers can be referred to.
0x00008000 - 0x00008fff
0x7e67d000 - 0x7ee7cfff
Any registers other than these cannot be displayed.

May I have advice?

Best Regards,
Yuuki Murasato

You cannot acess memory/memory mapped registers directly from user-space application generally and would have to write a kernel module or kernel driver. Alternatively for test purposes use something like a memwatch example to access memory from the user space and read/write the appropriate registers much faster.
This example shows how to access real memory/registers from user space in a more simple way and it was tested to work this system.