How to access value of any specific PGN in android app through Digi WVA device connected to CAN Bus?

In my android application source code, I have connected to Digi WVA. I want to retrieve the value of a particular data point using PGN through CAN protocol(J1939) messages. How can I get the details of PGNs supported/available to achieve the purpose?

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Hello, I have the same question. I would like to add customized messages. Did you finally figure it out? Does somebody have an answer?

I asked the DIGI support how to make the wva listening to my own customized PGNs through the CAN bus.
Here is the answer I get from the DIGI support :

You can download the vbusd.conf file. vbusd.conf is the example Filter Group/Filters configuration file which exists on the WVA at factory default.

If you want to create a custom configuration file for the WVA, you should first download the default vbusd.conf file, make any changes you want to it, then then save your custom file as filename “vehicle_bus.conf” before uploading it to the /vehicle_bus folder where you found the vbusd.conf file. When creating a custom configuration file, you could likely remove large parts of the config file altogether if needed. The Filters within each Filter Group are read top-down until a suitable source for that Group is found. If you know all the details needed for the particular filter you need, you could move that to the top of the Filter Group you’ll be using to obtain the battery info, but please let your testing dictate what would work best in your use-case. Once your vehicle_bus.conf (custom config) file has been uploaded to the vehicle_bus folder, reboot the WVA to load the custom file.