Is the Digicanbus module available for the WVA ?

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to send a J1939 message with my WVA device to other ECUs on my can bus.
And the digicanbus module happen to have a “send(…)” function that, at first sight, would perfectly fulfilled my needs.
According to the digi documentation “Digi Python enabled products with a CAN bus hardware interface support this module”

(on this web page :

I think that the WVA should then be able to use this module. However, it looks like the module isn’t a basic module for this product.

Jun 13 09:22:22 pylog: from digicanbus import *
Jun 13 09:22:22 pylog: ImportError: No module named digicanbus

Is there a way to import it on my WVA and to use this built-in module ?
If not, how can I send custom messages to my other devices using the WVA ? Using a python script or not.

Thank you for your attention.

The python script found on that webpage was written for a different product known as the ConnectPort X5. The ConnectPort X5 product has been end-of-lifed for quite a few years.

The only script at the Wiki archive site written for the WVA is the following:

You can find some additional WVA python scripts on our Github page here:

Hope that helps!