Connectport X5 - Error running J1939 example

I’ve just received some Connectport X5 modules, I installed Digi ESP for Python 2.1.1 and had no problems running the “Hello World” and a few other sample programs. I cannot get any CANBus examples to run though.

I have tried both the “can_bus” and “j1939_protocol” examples but I’m getting an error when running them:

#> python

Getting handle to CAN bus 0
Configuring the bus to 125000 bps
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "WEB/python/", line 48, in ?
OSError: Could not install receive handlers

I have not modified the code in any way so I’m a bit stumped as to what the issue is. I assume there is some incompatibility with the configure method of digicanbus and how the sample is using it.

Any ideas?


There is something obviously wrong with this example and/or the digicanbus module - unless I am doing something completely wrong here.

Here are the steps I am performing:
[li] Compile the example and upload it to the X5[/li][li] Telnet into the X5[/li][li] Execute python[/li][li] Example works fine, displays the received J1939 message[/li][li] Type quit to stop it and get back to the prompt[/li][li] Execute python again[/li][li] OSError message generated as shown above[/li][/ul]

It looks like each time the script is run, it requires a reboot.

Am I missing something here?