Using CAN interface

Im trying to use CAN interface - I have registered and downloaded CAN requirements from DIGI web site and copied the can sample to my project. However if fails to undefined reference to all can functions (nacbus.h is included) . I looked to console and the can driver is not compiled! Does anybody know how to compile the can driver?


You should be able to get it to work by following this exact order:

  • Update via PKM to the latest version of NET+OS 7.4.2 + hot fixes
  • Apply the patch provided
  • Create the CAN example
  • Build and run it

Well Im trying on the latest update but it is not working. Im 95% sure thet the driver is not compiled. In attachement is my project and the output from the console.


Well i have possible BSP bugreport for connectME9210:

The library for CAN is not compiled and in BSP for connectme is missing canTable.c

Am asking the digi for response.

One more report in src\ is probably wrong named folder: src\utlities (this folder comes with last update)


Can bus isn’t currently supported in NET+OS for the Connect ME 9210 module, it supposed to be coming out soon, but you need a module that actually supports it and there has to be some code changes first.

The can bus code actually gets compiled into libbsp.a which is your BSP library.

Well i dont undesrtand it - in all datasheets is that the CAN bus supported - so reality seems to be different. Thats realy annoyed me… Where is the different?

NS9210 is supported by CAN and in the gpio.h is possible to route BSP_GPIO_MUX_IOP_0_CAN_RXD to BSP_GPIO_MUX_USE_PRIMARY_PATH? So whats is missing?

The current datasheet is not specific enough. The previous version did call out the fact that the feature is not available and requires a special hardware variant. In any case, an update of the product brief reflecting the in-progress nature of the CAN bus support on the Digi Connect ME will be posted soon.

The Digi Connect ME 9210 with CAN bus support needs to pin out special CAN accelerated FIM pins of the NS9210, which are not available on the current hardware version.

If you are interested in a pre-relase module with CAN bus support, please contact Digi tech support for further discussion.