How to add QT project into Digi Rootfs project

So I’d like to build a QT app into my rootfs project. So I can see that there is an ‘apps’ category which I can add template projects to via the configure option.

However I cannot see where to add a Digi QT Gui project into the rootfs project such that when I build a rootfs image the QT project is built and included.


I believe a similar question was asked an answered. Please see the following forum entry:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure think that’s quite the same thing. I believe that facilitiates the installation of QT libraries onto the target and therefore you can run any standalone QT development on the target if you deploy the built rootfs.

However I actually want to add my app, not as standalone but as part of the kernel/uboot/rootfs project. There is an app directory and you can add ‘template’ apps but I want to add a full QT GUI application.

Thanks again though.

when you enable Qt-samples in the Digi Embedded Linux rootfs configuration (project configuration) it will add all pre-compiled libraries automatically.
If you need to add custom compiled libraries or files to the rootfs during build time, just modify the script to copy them to the rootfs. You find if you unfold your project in the project explorer, in the configs section

Yeah, so I figured if I wanted to add a QT GUI app on my target I needed to add QT-samples to the rootfs in order to get libQT*.so on my target.
So I’ve got that in place.

I don’t want to especially add other pre-compiled binaries or special files, I actually want to add a full QT GUI app under the ‘apps’ section in the project view.
I can’t see how to do that.

Apologies if I’m not explaining this very well :slight_smile:

apps section in project view is generated by default for the sample applications built along with DEL.

ie: when you create a kernel/rootfs/apps project and when you go to configure option you can choose some sample apps, those apps will get listed in apps folder.

And later if you want to include your full GUI QT project to go to apps folder then modify file so that it copies your project from any local directory and copies it to the apps folder if project in workspace.