DigiEl 5.0 and Rootfs project

Hi Friends ,
I have big and annoying problem.
I’ve tried via x config to add some features in already working RootFs project.
I choose in Prebuild applications a Qt for Embedded Linux example applications.
After small surprise - Rootfs image became bigger than entire flash of Digi9210 :slight_smile: I decided to uncheck it from the Rootfs project.
so far so good
But after rebuilding the project in the Lib folder of Rootfs still persist QT libraries and Rootfs image is 6.5megs.
So question is how to exclude those libraries from the project?
I`ve never expect this feature to include something but to have no possibility to exclude it…
Can somebody suggest in which configuration file to comment/erase those QT libraries in order to exclude them from RootFs image

10x for any help
P.S. Working environment is DigiEL 5.0, Ubuntu OS