U-Boot Configuration is not visible?


I made a new Project in DigiESP (DigiEL-5.5) for my ConnectCore Wi.MW51 including Kernel, U-Boot, Applications and RootFS.

Everything’s fine, I can configure the Kernel/RootFS and Applications with "right click->Configure Project.

Just U-Boot isn’t completely shown in that Form, the only entry I do have is "U-Boot image name (NEW) under U-Boot Configuration.

According to the documentation chapter 11.2 there have to be many other possibilities like command sets, partition table and so on.

But I don’t have there points! Have a look at the screenshot.

A quick view in {DEL}/bootloader/U-Boot/digiel/Kconfig shows these points very well? Filesize is 42.8kB, Timestamp is 13 Jan 2010.

What should I do?

Attachments won’t run, so have a look at the screenshot here please:


Some analysis later…:

There are two different versions of U-Boot included in my installation of DigiEL-5.5:

a) bootloader/U-Boot
b) bootloader/u-boot-denx

The Kconfig for my project sources the Kconfig from b), but this file only have one setting, seen in the screenshot. Filesize is 144B, Filedate is 08 Apr 1020.

In Kconfig of a) there are a lot more configurations, but obviously not for CCWMX51JS?

Seems a) is a old (but complete) pre-ccwmx51 version and b) a not-yet-finished version for ccwmx51???