DigiEL and Rebuild project


I installed the DigiEL 5.2 environment on my laptop with Ubuntu 10.10.

Everything works fine, but every time I rebuild the project, DigiEL will restore any changes made previously.

That is, I have a file rootfs/etc/init.d/K96startapp.sh that I renamed to rootfs/etc/init.d/S96startapp.sh and after recompiling S96startapp.sh not exist and K96startapp.sh is again in the same place

What can I do?

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You don’t have to rebuild the “rootfs” a build & install will do. If you rebuild it will go to the initial state

Ok, Thanks I will try.

In order to get your own file(s) added to the rootfs,
you should store your file somewhere.

Don’t store in $WORKSPACE/$PROJECT/build/* as this is cleaned up during “rebuild=make clean”!

Modify your Project->configs/add_files.sh to copy it into the rootfs.
See the examples in comments given in add_files.sh

To remove a default file, you need to “rm” it in add_files.sh which
is executed after the default files are copied into the rootfs.

renaming a file should also be possible with “mv” in add_files.sh

Like this you can also copy your own libraries, images, .html files … during rootfs build time.