How to address a paricular end device in mesh network

In my project i use 4 XBEE S2 modules,one as coordinator and others as end device,in mesh network.

I have set PAN ID&channel as common for all XBEE modules.

1)I need to know what should i set for destination address of coordinator xbee and end device.

2)I also have doubt about how to address a particular end device in mesh network

The XBee will send data to whatever destination you set (DH & DL.) If you use the SH & SL of a radio then the data will go to that radio. If you use 00000000 0000FFFF then the data will be broadcast to all other radios (the default for the coordinator.) If you use 00000000 00000000 then the data will be sent to the coordinator (the default for end devices.)

API mode might be worth a look. It can let you address each packet separately.

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