Why can't I set up coordinators/router/end device MY and SH-SL addresses?

Hello! So I have two Xbee series 2 (XB24-BWIT) modules and I want to create a mesh network. I want to know how to give the coordinator a MY address but the XCTU software won’t let me do it. Is it because it actually uses the SL and SH addresses because the network could be pretty big (64 bits addresses)?

I also want to set up the MY address for the router/end device but it happens the same thing, it won’t let me do it. If I switched this router/end device to a router sensor (in the function set) it happens the same too.

So, in short, why can’t I setup the addresses for coord. or routers or even end devices? Also, what’s the difference between Zigbee router/end device (i guess this one works as an end device AND router at the same time) Vs a Zigbee router sensor?

Any help would be very appreciate it. Thank you!


I regard that a user cannot decide 16bit network address of XBee as the body probably based on ZigBee specification.

Determining 16bit network address of XBee determines a value random in device which permitted the participation in network of the XBee.

Please read a reference manual for details.

The ‘MY’ setting in an old Xtend notion - you could set 5 units to have MY = 1 to 5.

ZigBee uses randomly assigned 16-bit addresses, and these can even change over time due to various network hiccups.