Everything is working with my ZigBee Kit, so why am I here?

I have two modules setup, one as a coordinator and the other as a router. I can send packets back and forth using X-CTU. The coordinator is set with DL and DH as the same as the SL and SH on the router. (It will not work without this.) However, the router is set with DL and DH as both 0. Why does the router not need the SL and SH of the coordinator?

A different question. Are there more up-to-date documents than I have for the module manual? As an example, my manual explains how to use and set the module address using “ATMY”. This does not work.


A wild guess would be that you’ve downloaded the manual for a different variety of XBee than the one you have.

The file name of the manual will be something like nnnnnnnn.pdf, where the 'n’s are digits. What file name do you have?

Also: what firmware versions are you running?

The manual I have is 90000982_B.pdf

The firmware version is 2270 for the router and 2070 for the coordinator.

Yes, that’s the manual for the series 1 XBees running the 802.15.4 firmware. You’ll need to find and download the ZB manual, which is a very different beast.

I downloaded manual 90000976_G. This is a treasure trove of information. Thanks.

Glad it helped - good luck!

As for why the router works with DH/DL 0, that is a ZigBee ‘ism’ where sending a packet to address 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 means to the coodinator.