How to change TCP source port of XBee WiFi

Can I change the TCP Source Port number of XBee WiFi in API-enabled mode (w/escaped control characters) ?
I checked the XBee TCP protocol with the monitoring instrument, and I have found that the Source Port number of the XBee WiFi seems to be always 49152.
The P.89(Transmit (TX) Request: IPv4) in the manual “XBee Wi-Fi RF Module - S6B” shows that the Frame Field of “16 bit Source Port” should be “To send a TCP packet on a new connection, this must be 0.”
And I always set 0 into “16 bit Source Port” Field of the Transmit (TX) Request: IPv4. Is that OK ?
Can I replace the TCP Source Port 49152 with 49153, for example?

You change the port numbers used by the XBee WIFI module by setting the CO and DE commands. (Try using the local AT command API frame or simply using AT command mode).