How to communicate zigbee wifi module to laptop inbuilt wifi module.

i am first time using the zigbee module. Tell me how to communicate Zigbee wifi module to mobile and laptop wifi module.
In one side Atmel controller interface with zigbee wifi module and other end Mobile or Laptop Wifi.
Please tell me how to communicate this two things.

Thank You.

Hi Saikiran, regardless of directly addressing your question, please be informed that in our lab we sue the Perytons Protocol analyzers both to analyze ZigBee packets as well as DigiMesh header packets. ou may want to have a look at their website and download their 30 days free evaluation and (if you have any of their supported front-ends) even capture and analyze your ZigBee packets. Good luck!

zigbee wifi or xbee wifi

try to connect xbee wifi network on your system wifi network and open putty or docklite connect the ip. now you can able to transfer the data

for mobile

1.go to the play store and download the tcp/udp client app on our mobile connect the xbee wifi on ur phone that app and give the ip and port number and press connect or save and open the same ur console will show that ur connected or not if your connected properly the show “connected” other wise it shows “fail to conect”
4. once the connected properly we can able to transfer the data from your phone console to xbee wifi module and xbee wifi to your phone console